Both structured and flexible, each session is designed to meet your needs
Beginning with an thorough questionnaire, our advisors go into each session knowing you on paper. We offer both personalized planning and problem-specific advising sessions.

Unsure what you need?  Let us take the lead. Know exactly what you want?  We’re here for you.  
Our personalized planning sessions involve understanding your goals and helping you create a plan that sets out to achieve those in the most effective way possible. Below are some options that our students have taken advantage of our advising sessions for:‍‍‍‍
  • Extracurricular planning: Find out how to spend your time. Prioritize what endeavors to undertake in order to set you apart, make you a holistic physician, and impress medical schools.
  • Research planning:  Unsure how to get involved in research or if you should at all?  Basic science or clinical?  We’ll help you identify what matters.
  • Timeline: Create a timeline that fits with your goals, whether that means taking a year off during medical school, applying to multiple specialties, or timing your USMLE appropriately.  Our experts will help you perfect the timeline so you don’t have to waste your time.
  • Specialty planning:  Figure out the best way to spend your time depending on which specialty you want to go into based on a careful examination of your own personal application, story, and goals.
  • Early planning: It’s never too early to plan for residency.  Let us help you with how to plan your courses to ace the MCAT, still have time to enjoy college, and tailor your schedule so you have peace of mind the whole time.
  • Couples Match: We understand personal lives take priority. Couples matching presents unique challenges that our advisors can help you overcome.
  • Competitiveness Analysis: Unsure where you stack up?  We can talk about realistic expectations and what we can work on to make those a reality.
Anything you can think of, we can help.


Harvard MD Advisor


Harvard MD Advisor


Harvard MD Advisor

Why should I choose AcceptMed?

Our advisor quality is absolutely unparalleled. While other advising companies make this claim, take the time to compare advisor qualifications for yourself. Each is a graduate of Harvard Medical School, and that is just the minimum. With our team, our systemic yet flexible approach, and our commitment to your success, you will be in the best hands. Learn more about the AcceptMed Advantage here.

Who will be my advisor? Can I request one?

Once you sign up, you will complete a thorough information sheet which we will use to assign you the best fit advisor. You are welcome to make an advisor request though we cannot guarantee availability. We have a small team, and each of our advisors is an extraordinary physician. Meet them here and learn about the AcceptMed Advantage here.

How does it work?

After filling out our detailed intake form, you and your advisor will schedule a mutually agreed upon time to meet via our video-conferencing service.

Can parents participate?

If they want to be involved, we encourage their participation.

Can we meet in person?

That depends on where you live and the availability of the advisor! Feel free to discuss this with them, though we highly recommend video-conference due to convenience.