Re-application Analysis
Residency Match CONSULTANTS

There are a lot of potential areas that can go wrong during a residency application process.  Are you competitive enough for your specialty?  Do you have the right experiences to match?  How are your clinical grades?  Do you have the right letter writers?  Do you interview poorly?  

Understanding what went wrong and how to fix it is critical to ensure a different outcome the next time. Our re-applicant diagnostic session will:
  • Thoroughly review your previous application to identify weaknesses
  • Assess your competitiveness and provide solutions to remedy any holes
  • Identify strategy errors in program selection, specialty-applicant mismatch, extracurricular gaps, or poor presentation of experiences
  • Create a plan to maximize match success at the next cycle

[1 HOUR]

Harvard MD Advisor
Deep application dissection
Thorough CV Review
Competitiveness Analysis
Strategy Planning
Program List Review
Actionable Feedback

Can I choose my advisor?

Yes! After you complete your puchase you have the opportunity to make requests. While we try to match every student to their requested advisor, we cannot always guarantee availability.