Baylor College of Medicine Secondary Essay Prompts

Below are the secondary prompts for Baylor College of Medicine.  Want to maximize your chances for an interview invite? Work with our expert medical school admission consultants to put your best foot forward through our secondary application editing services.


1. Indicate any special experiences, unusual factors or other information you feel would be helpful in evaluating you, including, but not limited to, education, employment, extracurricular activities, prevailing over adversity. You may expand upon but not repeat AMCAS application information. 2000-character limit.

2. If you took a gap year there is a 2,000 character “What did you do during your gap year” question.

3. If you are a career changer there is this: Is becoming a physician a second career for you? If so, what was your first career choice? (2,000 char)


Please describe your primary research Interests for the PhD portion of dual degree training including potential Baylor College of Medicine or Rice University faculty with whom you would like to work. (Will not limit final research project or mentor selection) Limit essay to 2000 characters.