Duke University School of Medicine Secondary Essay Prompts

Below are the secondary prompts for Duke University School of Medicine.  Want to maximize your chances for an interview invite Work with our expert medical school admission consultants to put your best foot forward through our secondary application editing services.


1. Tell us more about who you are. You may provide additional information that expands your self-identity where gender identification, racial and/or ethnic self description, geographic origin, socioeconomic, academic, and/or other characteristics that define who you are as you contemplate a career that will interface with people who are similar AND dissimilar to you. You will have the opportunity below to tell us how you wish to be addressed, recognized and treated. 500 words

2. (Optional) In addition to the broad categorization of race, ethnicity, geographic origin, socioeconomic status as provided through your AMCAS application, you may use the text box below to provide additional clarifying information that may reflect the impact of any of these parameters on your development thus far as well as the impact that these may have had on your path to a career in medicine and your plans for the future. 200 words

3. Describe the community in which you were nurtured or spent the majority of your early development with respect to its demographics. What core values did you receive and how will these translate into the contributions that you hope to make to your community as a medical student and to your career in medicine? What improvements do you think might make the described community better? 500 words

4. Describe a situation where you have chosen to advocate for someone who is different from yourself. What does advocacy mean to you and how has your advocacy developed? How do you see it linked to your role as a physician/leader? What risks, if any, might be associated with your choice to be an advocate? 500 words

5. What has been your most humbling experience and how will that experience affect your interactions with your peers and patients? 500 words

6. Describe a situation where you failed. What did you learn from the experience? Describe at least one functional impact of the experience. 500 words

7. Critical thinking involves many aspects including curiosity, comprehension, application and analysis. Describe a time when you have utilized critical thinking. How do you anticipate critical thinking being used as part of your career? 400 words

8. Many views medical care as an undeniable right. What responsibility does the medical profession have in taking care of all persons? 400 words

9. (Optional) Please let us know of any additional information that you would like us to consider while reviewing your application: