Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine Secondary Essay Prompts

Below are the secondary prompts for Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine.  Want to maximize your chances for an interview invite? Work with our expert medical school admission consultants to put your best foot forward through our secondary application editing services.


General MD Questions:

1. What experience have you had that has given you insight into the patients you hope to eventually serve? (1500 characters)

2. What will be your greatest challenge in becoming a physician? (1500 characters)

3. Discuss a time in your life that demonstrated your resilience. (1500 characters)

4. Describe a time when you did not receive what you felt you deserved, and how you reacted. (1500 characters)

5. Give an example of personal feedback in the last few years that was difficult to receive. How did you respond? (1500 characters)

6. Please discuss the diversity that you would bring to the OHSU School of Medicine and the profession of medicine. (2000 characters)

MD/PhD Questions:

Question 7 – What specifically interests you in the OHSU MD/PhD program? (1500 char)

Question 8 – Please list 3-5 faculty members at OHSU whose research is of interest to you. (1500 char)

Question 9 – Thinking about one of your research projects, how could the results affect the way we diagnose and treat patients? If your research is non-biomedical, describe how it advances scientific knowledge. (1500 char)

Question 10 – List publications and grants.

Question 11 – Please tell us the graduate program at OHSU you are most interested in (this is not binding)