Arizona College of Medicine Secondary Essay Prompts

Below are the secondary prompts for Arizona College of Medicine.  Want to maximize your chances for an interview invite? Work with our expert medical school admission consultants to put your best foot forward through our secondary application editing services.


I previously applied to any medical school (select yes if you submitted a primary or secondary application). Yes/No
If yes, how are you a stronger applicant this cycle? Optional 0/1000.

What is the most important quality you seek in a medical school, and how does the UA College of Medicine – Phoenix embody that for you? 0/1000.

What achievement are you most proud of? What aspect of this achievement will you bring to our medical school?0/1000.

The UA College of Medicine – Phoenix practices Inclusive Excellence, which celebrates the differences, talents, and unique qualities of all individuals. Describe a circumstance where you sought to learn about a culture, group, or idea different than your own and how that impacted you. 0/1000.

Please reflect on your entire application, is there anything you would like to further explain to the Admissions Committee? Do not repeat any information already mentioned in the national or secondary applications. Optional 0/1000.

Please reference the Work/Activities section. If any of the competencies were unmatched, please provide an explanation below. Optional