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AAMC and AMCAS Traffic Rules: What You Need To Know

Are you confused with the AAMC traffic rules? This post will walk you through some examples about the AAMC traffic rules and the Choose Your Medical School tool.

Most Common Questions About California Health Sciences University College of Osteopathic Medicine (CHSU COM) Answered

CHSU COM is the first DO school in the Central Valley of California and is located in Clovis, California. Curious about accreditation, the program, or what the school is all about? This blog post answers the most commonly asked questions.

Should I Apply to MD or DO Schools? Here's Why You Should Apply to Both

Applicants’ most common questions around this topic are: Should I apply to MD or DO schools? How does applying to MD vs DO schools affect me in the long run? Which one is better, MD or DO? If you are finding yourself agonizing and constantly weighing the pros and cons about applying to MD vs. DO schools, it might make sense for you to apply to both.

How To Decide Between Multiple Medical School Acceptances

Learn the factors that you need to consider when you are deciding between multiple medical school acceptances!

Should I Apply to Carribean Medical Schools?

Are you worried about not getting into an MD or DO program? Are you considering schools in the Carribean? Read on to find out everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

Should I apply to DO schools? A Primer on Osteopathic Medical Schools

So you’ve heard of DO medical schools but are unsure what they really are. Read on to find out if you should apply, a detailed statistical comparison, and answers to some common misconceptions.

Should You Use a Medical School Admission Consulting Service?

Deciding on whether or not to use a medical school admissions consulting service is difficult. Find out how to decide whether you should use one and what to look for if you decide to work with an advising company.

What To Do While Waiting On Med School Decisions

Waiting on medical school decisions can be stressful. Follow these tips to keep you sane and improve your chances of acceptance.

How Many Medical Schools Should I Apply To? 3 Strategy Tips to Figure it Out

According to the AAMC 2019-2020 data, there is an average of 17 medical school applications per applicant. This is just an average, with some people applying to less and some applying to more. The number of medical schools you should apply to really depends on your situation. Read this article to find the “right number” of medical schools you should apply to this medical school application cycle.