Everything You Need To Know About The Medical School AAMC Video Interview Tool For Admissions (VITA)

Starting in August 2020, the AAMC will release a Virtual Interview Tool for Admissions, or VITA. We have the answers to many of the questions pre-meds are asking about the VITA as they enter the next phase of their application cycle.

5 Tips For a Successful Medical School Interview (its not what you think)

Here are 5 not so basic tips for a successful medical school interview experience. These 5 actionable tips can help you get organized and set you up for a successful and stress-free medical school interview process.

7 Common Medical School Interview Questions (and Answers)

Know the answers to these 7 common medical school interview questions, and be ready to answer anything they can throw at you.

A Guide On What to Wear to Your Medical School Interview

A complete guideline on what to wear to your medical school interview. Learn how to get into medical school by dressing the part.

A Guide to the Multiple Mini-Interview (MMI): Prep and Tips

A guide to the multiple mini-interview format. Learn MMI interview prep and tips to crush it and get into that dream medical school!

Common Ethical Topics/Questions In Medical School Interviews

Learn about the ethical topics and questions they will ask you in medical school interviews, so you can provide well-rounded answers on your interview day!

Crafting the Perfect Medical School Interview Thank-You Note

Finishing an interview isn’t the last step: learn how to write a medical school interview thank-you note that stands out!

MMI Interview Prep: Collaboration Station

Learn how to prepare for the MMI collaboration station by knowing what to keep in mind and what types of situations you will be put in.

MMI Interview Prep: Policy/Current Event Questions

Learn common topics, how to prepare and how to answer the policy/current event questions for your MMI interview!

MMI Interview Prep: Role-Play Situational Questions

MMIs stations where you role-play with an actor can be intimidating. Learn what to expect and how to prepare to calm those nerves.

MMI Interview Prep: The Regular/Oddball Interview Question

Learn how to tailor a regular interview question to the MMI and how to answer those tough oddball questions so you can crush it on your MMI interview day!

MMI Interview Prep: The Situational Question

Learn a method to be able to quickly prepare an answer to any situational question on your MMI interview day!

The Complete Guide to Medical School Interview Preparation

A complete guide to medical school interview prep to make sure you have the best chances to get into your dream medical school!