If you have a specific question about a particular service, a brief set of FAQs is available at the end of each service page.

Why should I choose AcceptMed?

Our advisor quality is absolutely unparalleled. While other advising companies make this claim, take the time to compare advisor qualifications for yourself. Each is a graduate of Harvard Medical School, and that is just the minimum. With our team, our systemic yet flexible approach, and our commitment to your success, you will be in the best hands. Learn more about the AcceptMed Advantage here.

The website is notifying me there are no more slots available. How do I checkout?

Our services are often in high demand, and due to the quality standard we set for ourselves, we maintain a small team of expert advisors. Sometimes we are forced to stop accepting applicants during a cycle to provide the attention needed to our current clients. Feel free to email us though, as spots may open up.

Why is your team so small?

We are relentlessly committed to providing you the best quality of advising possible. Our Harvard Medical School advisors are carefully selected and screened to make sure they are a great fit. It’s not easy to find such talented people! Learn about the AcceptMed Advantage here.

I don’t see the exact package or service I want. Can you still help?

We pride ourselves on being flexible in our packaging. Feel free to email us at info@acceptmed.com and explain what you are looking for.

Your services are a little more expensive than “X company”. Why is that?

We are a smaller team with highly qualified advisors that do not compare to competitors. No matter who you choose to advise you, be informed about their qualifications. This is in the end what you will be paying for. We have the absolute best advisors who provide the unparalleled quality work. While our prices may be a little higher than some other companies, the value we add is much greater.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes through PayPal. When you purchase your service, choose PayPal as your payment method, login, and choose apply for PayPal Credit at checkout. If you're approved, you'll be able to pay for your package in installments with no added fees if you complete payment within 6 months. Learn more about PayPal Credit here.