Our Difference

Our Expert Medical Admissions Advisors

It all starts and ends with our team.  When looking for your advisor, whether from AcceptMed or elsewhere,  look for who you will be working with.  That is in the end what you're paying for.  We pride ourselves in having the highest quality team that is dedicated to your success.  We believe you deserve the best in making your application shine, which is why we do not settle on our team. Compare our advisors with any other company. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

Medical School Consultants
Awards and Accolades

Top MCAT/Step 1 scores
Admissions consulting or panel experience
Peer-reviewed research articles
Significant volunteer experience, locally and internationally
Accepted to top choices for medical school and residency

Medical School Admissions Consulting
All Harvard Medical School Graduates, All Doctors

Each advisor graduated from Harvard and is an actual physician. We do not believe being a doctor alone qualifies you to give admissions advice. Our doctors have demonstrated success at every level: undergraduate, medical school, and residencies across the board. They make sure their students have the same success.

Personalized Medical School Advising
Proprietary, Systematic Process

Our process is systematic yet flexible. Extensive orientation, embedded feedback, proprietary materials, and a constant focus on quality ensure that our applicants get excellent results. Our small team enables us to hold regular meetings, discuss applicants, and continually update best-practices.

Serious Results

Our applicants are amazing students who will become excellent physicians - we help them find their voice and present themselves to admissions committees in a compelling way. 95.2% of our package students received an acceptance and more than 99% were very satisfied with their experience.

Admissions, Only

Our team is very specialized.  You won’t find our advisors multi-tasking and brushing up on Step 1 or the MCAT. They focus their time on getting you accepted to medical school. Physicians are busy, and our advisors’ commitment outside of patient care is getting you an acceptance envelope.

Rigorous Screening

We pride ourselves on using the most rigorous screening process of any admissions service when evaluating our advisors. We conduct thorough interviews and request outside referrals. Most other companies haven’t even met their own advisors in person: they wouldn’t recognize them if they walked by each other on the street. We watch out for you by making sure everyone we bring on is committed to providing the quality we expect.

The AcceptMed

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