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How These 4 Unique Pre-Med Majors Can Make You a Better Doctor

Learn how picking one of these 4 unique pre-med majors can help you get into medical school and become a better physician.

What Are The Best Pre-Med Majors For Med School?

What is the best pre-med major? There is a lot more to that question than what meets the eye. Check out this post to help you decide!

A Guide to the Multiple Mini-Interview (MMI): Prep and Tips

A guide to the multiple mini-interview format. Learn MMI interview prep and tips to crush it and get into that dream medical school!

Common Ethical Topics/Questions In Medical School Interviews

Learn about the ethical topics and questions they will ask you in medical school interviews, so you can provide well-rounded answers on your interview day!

MMI Interview Prep: Collaboration Station

Learn how to prepare for the MMI collaboration station by knowing what to keep in mind and what types of situations you will be put in.

MMI Interview Prep: Policy/Current Event Questions

Learn common topics, how to prepare and how to answer the policy/current event questions for your MMI interview!

A Guide On What to Wear to Your Medical School Interview

A complete guideline on what to wear to your medical school interview. Learn how to get into medical school by dressing the part.

MMI Interview Prep: The Regular/Oddball Interview Question

Learn how to tailor a regular interview question to the MMI and how to answer those tough oddball questions so you can crush it on your MMI interview day!

Should You Use a Medical School Admission Consulting Service?

Deciding on whether or not to use a medical school admissions consulting service is difficult. Find out how to decide whether you should use one and what to look for if you decide to work with an advising company.

Guide to Starting Your Medical School Personal Statement

Finding the right balance between highlighting your accomplishments, capturing your desire to go to medical school, and coming across as a likeable, interesting person all in one page isn’t easy. Learn what to do to get you started on writing an exceptional personal statement.

The Ultimate Guide to Letters of Recommendation for Medical School

A good medical school letter of recommendation can open doors while a poor one can close them. We discuss everything from requirements to how to actually ask a professor to help make sure your letters help your application stand out!

Making The Most Out of the AMCAS “Most Meaningful” Experience Section

The “Most Meaningful” Experiences section of your medical school applications can be a place to show some personality and depth to admissions committees. Find out how to make the most of it.

The 6 Pillars of an Excellent Medical School Application

There are many moving pieces and components to a medical school application. We discuss the six most important components of a strong medical school application.

What You Need to Know About the CASPer Test and Medical Schools

The ghost? Nope, an exam! So you may or may not have heard about the CASPer exam, yet another hurdle to jump through while applying to medical school. Learn more about what you need to do and what it means for your application.

Should I apply to DO schools? A Primer on Osteopathic Medical Schools

So you’ve heard of DO medical schools but are unsure what they really are. Read on to find out if you should apply, a detailed statistical comparison, and answers to some common misconceptions.

When Should You Apply to Medical School?

When do you apply to medical school? Follow our recommendations on how to submit the AMCAS as soon as possible to boost your odds of acceptance!

The Complete Guide to Medical School Interview Preparation

A complete guide to medical school interview prep to make sure you have the best chances to get into your dream medical school!

MMI Interview Prep: Role-Play Situational Questions

MMIs stations where you role-play with an actor can be intimidating. Learn what to expect and how to prepare to calm those nerves.

MMI Interview Prep: The Situational Question

Learn a method to be able to quickly prepare an answer to any situational question on your MMI interview day!

Crafting the Perfect Medical School Interview Thank-You Note

Finishing an interview isn’t the last step: learn how to write a medical school interview thank-you note that stands out!

The Difference Between AMCAS vs TMDSAS Medical School Applications

What is the difference between the AMCAS and TMDSAS medical school applications? We’ll go through some of the big ones to make sure you’re prepared.

7 Common Medical School Interview Questions (and Answers)

Know the answers to these 7 common medical school interview questions, and be ready to answer anything they can throw at you.

Should I Apply to Carribean Medical Schools?

Are you worried about not getting into an MD or DO program? Are you considering schools in the Carribean? Read on to find out everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

Tips for the Reapplicant: Successfully Reapplying to Medical School

A rejection doesn’t have to mean the end of your physician dreams. Learn some helpful, realistic tips for what to do when you find yourself in the position of reapplying to medical schools.

Six Most Common Medical School Secondary Essays to Pre-Write

Medical school secondary essay prompts don’t change much from year to year. Find out how to approach writing the most common prompts as you write or pre-write.

How to Turn Your AMCAS (MD) Personal Statement into Your AACOMAS (DO) Personal Statement

So your AMCAS personal statement is perfect, but now you realized you also have to submit one for AACOMAS! Find out how to make the transition between the two seamless.

The Ultimate Guide to Medical School Extracurriculars: Leadership

Becoming a physician is de facto becoming a leader in a certain sense. Demonstrating leadership can come through a variety of experiences and activities. Learn everything you need to know about leadership and medical school applications.

The Ultimate Guide to Medical School Extracurriculars: Shadowing

Shadowing a physician gives you an idea of what a day in the life is like. Find out why this matters and how much you should focus on seeking out these experiences.

The Ultimate Guide to Medical School Extracurriculars: Clinical Experience

Direct patient exposure is non-negotiable when it comes to applying to medical schools. Make sure you have an understanding of why this matters, how much experience you need, and what kind of activities to participate in.

The Ultimate Guide to Medical School Extracurriculars: Research

Basic science or clinical? Do I need to do research? Get all the details about research involvement requirements, suggestions, and tips as you consider applying to medical school.

The Ultimate Guide to Medical School Extracurriculars: Service

Get all the details about service and volunteer involvement requirements, suggestions, and tips as you consider applying to medical school.

The Ultimate Medical School Extracurricular Guide

Learn more about exactly what you need to do to make sure your extracurricular activities standout through our multi-part series. We break it all down for you: tips, which experiences are important, and how much involvement you need.

Teach For America: A Good Gap Year Before Medical School for you?

Thinking of taking a gap year? Teach for America might be a good option for you. Find out if it is by reading more.

What Makes a Good Medical School Personal Statement?

You’ve heard a lot about the big deal made of personal statements. So what exactly makes the good ones good? We try to break it down here.

6 Ideas for a Great Gap Year

Thinking about taking time off before medical school? Find out how to make the most of it!

How to Ace the AMCAS Works & Activities Section

The AMCAS Works and Activities section of your primary medical school application is critical in highlighting to admissions committees who you are and what you’ve been doing outside the classroom. Follow the advice here to make sure you do it right!