Early Residency Packages

Residency Match Consultants

The ultimate in personal start to finish mentoring

Our most popular solution to working with students makes your application process easier, more enjoyable, and much more successful. You work with our advisors one-on-one throughout the entire application process. It's never too early to prepare for the match!


Personal attention every step of the way from specialty exploration, research planning, away rotation planning all the way through your Match Day Letter. Personalized help depending on your specialty and circumstance.

Essay Edits

We will make sure you stand out among the sea of applicants by finding your unique narrative that will turn your essays into strengths of your application.


Ace your final step by feeling confident and prepared with realistic practice and feedback. From specialty-specific preparation to general questions, you'll be ready.

The Rest

Crafting a strategy together. Finding your narrative. Custom program lists. Midnight email questions.

We have you covered.

Just a few

Package Benefits

Personal advisor: Our advisors work with you the entire way, developing a deep understanding of your story and application while bringing in their immense experience to maximize your success. While we will try to best match you with an advisor in your desired specialty, our advisors have been accepted at the best programs in some of the most competitive specialties. They're ready to help you stand out, regardless of specialty.

We’re here, whenever: Unlimited emails, real advice. Our expertise, your success: No one else can offer the quality of advisors we have: see for yourself. A complete package allows each advisor to get to know you best.

(1-2 years from match)


Harvard MD Advisor Unlimited Email

Research, USMLE, 3rd Year Planning

4th Year + Away Planning

Up to 6 hour-long advising sessions per year

Custom Program List

Custom Tailored Strategy Plan

(3) Personal Statement Edits*

(3) ERAS Edits

(2) Mock Interview Prep

Top Program Letter

(3-4 years from match)


Harvard MD Advisor Unlimited Email

Research, USMLE, 3rd Year Planning

4th Year + Away Planning

Up to 6 hour-long advising sessions per year

Custom Program List

Custom Tailored Strategy Plan

Unlimited Personal Statement Edits*

Unlimited ERAS Edits

(3) Mock Interview Prep

Top Program Letter

* For up to maximum 4 consecutive years or until application is submitted, whichever is first. Sessions do not carry over from year to year.

*In all packages, secondaries are limited to 500 words per school and 3 edits per secondary. Excess word-count will be added to deducted from future secondary essays (for example, a Gold Package is not to exceed 5,000 total words of secondary edits even if 10 schools have not been reached). No secondary brainstorming time is included. Additional degree or combined degree essays not included in above package and may be added on separately or used as secondary essays.

Our Testimonials

What students say about AcceptMed.

(71 reviews)
Ankrish M.

My experience with AcceptMed was overall really great! Zujaja's warm demeanor instantly put me at ease, especially since I was a little nervous doing a mock interview over video call (something I'd never done before). She was both supportive and insightful when giving feedback in our mock MMI, and the quality of feedback and discussion I had with Read more about review stating Great support for interview preparationher far surpassed that which I had received from any college advisor. In conducting our mock MMI, she was very flexible and tailored the MMI to my preferences by asking both traditional and situational/ethical questions. She also had great follow-up questions/push-back to my responses that made me think more deeply about the ethical issues at hand. I would definitely recommend AcceptMed and Zujaja to anyone who would like some constructive feedback and a boost of confidence going into interview day!

Ben C.

Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Want to know what admissions committees want to see? If you actually listen and take his suggestions, your application will be on another level. I got so many comments during interviews about the specific edits we worked on in my personal statement and experiences.

Angela W.

Honestly, this was a great experience. I looked into a lot of companies and was honestly very skeptical about hiring consulting but it was a really positive experience and I got good feedback that I haven’t gotten from anyone else (and I've asked other premed students, other med school students, as well as premed advising at my university). Ryan iRead more about review stating Ryan REALLY cares about his studentss also incredibly knowledgeable and paid a lot of attention to the details of my application. Admittedly I was really skeptical with his idea for how to change my essay because I did not think I could fit so much content in the character count but he really worked with me and despite only using 2 edits for my personal statement, I definitely think it came out better. He also responded very quickly to email and was proactive about helping me. It felt like he really cared about me and helping me make the best of my application.

Vikas S.

As a reapplicant I was worried about not getting into schools again and was hesitant to use a consulting service. Looking back on it, I am so glad I did now with 4 MD acceptances including my top choice. Dr. K helped me find out what went wrong during my last cycle and make the necessary changes to my application. My stats didn't jump off the pageRead more about review stating Project Reapply: Success, but together we worked on making sure every single piece of my application was so much stronger than my last application cycle. When interviews came along, I felt much more prepared and at ease when discussing my application. You can bet I'm coming back for residency advice.

Why should I choose AcceptMed?

Our advisor quality is absolutely unparalleled. While other advising companies make this claim, take the time to compare advisor qualifications for yourself. Each is a graduate of Harvard Medical School, and that is just the minimum. With our team, our systemic yet flexible approach, and our commitment to your success, you will be in the best hands. Learn more about the AcceptMed Advantage here.

Who will be my advisor? Can I request one?

Once you sign up, you will complete a thorough information sheet which we will use to assign you the best fit advisor. You are welcome to make an advisor request though we cannot guarantee availability. We have a small team, and each of our advisors is an extraordinary physcian. Meet them here and learn about the AcceptMed Advantage here.

How does it work?

After filling out our detailed intake form, you and your advisor will schedule a mutually agreed upon time to meet via our video-conferencing service.

Can parents participate?

If they want to be involved, we encourage their participation.

Can we meet in person?

That depends on where you live and the availability of the advisor! Feel free to discuss this with them, though we highly recommend video-conference due to convenience.

The AcceptMed

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